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India media tycoon charged with murder

An Indian media magnate continues to be formally billed using the murder of his stepdaughter police stated

Peter Mukerjea the previous Boss of Rupert Murdochs Star India network was arrested in November

He told Indian media he was by his earlier statement he had nothing related to her dying

The murder of Sheena Bora first regarded as Mr Mukerjeas sisterinlaw but later discovered to be his stepdaughter has held India

Police had earlier named Indrani Mukerjea Ms Boras mother because the primary suspect within the situation

They also have arrested her first husband like a coconspirator within the murder in addition to her former driver who’s listed being an accomplice

The AFP news agency cited an un named officer as stating that Mr Mukerjea have been billed with similar offences because the others

They’ve accused him of plotting together with his wife to kill Ms Borah in ’09

Mr Mukerjea told the Indian Express newspaper he would read the charges against him in prison but was by his assertion he had nothing related to the situation and it was unaware of the conspiracy

The storyline including hidden details accusations and counterallegations and busts has held Indian media for several weeks now

It started in May 2012 when an unknown body was spotted by villagers 100 miles (160km) from Mumbai Local police collected the skeletal remains that have been apparently badly burned

Your body wasn’t associated with Sheenas disappearance in excess of 3 years throughout which period Mr and Mrs Mukerjea allegedly stated their daughter had left India for that U . s . States

Police also allege that Mrs Mukerjea used Sheenas telephone to transmit messages impersonating her daughter from America and Britain one of these broke rapport

Once the dying was linked by police towards the media magnate the situation attracted common attention Politician Shashi Tharoor known as the reviews breathless and hysterical

Mr Mukerjea has always stated he understood nothing from the murder and it was overseas at that time