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Garlands of shame for public peeing

Police in India have develop a watch-catching method to shame individuals who urinate in public places – by hanging flower garlands around their necks

A brand new campaign within the town of Hyderabad sees traffic officials swoop on people spotted reducing themselves in the pub before handing them the colorful neckwear the Deccan Chronicle reviews Insp Rama Swamy states she got the concept having seen social employees doing such like in Delhi in the past After garlanding them we request them to not create filth and employ the general public toilets rather he states The pressure has additionally been providing chocolates to scooter riders who put on headgear so that they can persuade others to follow along with suit

Lots of people leaving comments around the forces Facebook page applaud the initiative although plenty think the issue might be solved with greater use of public venues Construct public toilets first Dont waste on flowers one individual creates But others think its much more of a mindset problem Has anybody seen a lady carrying this out nonsense in public places? Is not she human too? And when a lady can control why cannot a guy? asks one user

In 2015 police in China required an identical tack with jaywalkers Any people on the streets caught dodging cars in Shenzhen received an option between having to pay a little fine or putting on a eco-friendly hat and tabard and enhancing the police to direct traffic

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Zuma to pay for mansion upgrade

South Africas Leader Jacob Zuma has decided to pay back a few of the $23m (£15m) the federal government controversially allocated to improving his private rural home

In 2014 a study through the public protector stated Mr Zuma had achieved positive results unnecessarily in the upgrades

Mr Zuma stated the auditor-general and finance minister must decide just how much he should pay back to finish the dispute

The announcement comes per week before a constitutional hearing around the matter

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How Leader Zumas Nkandla home is continuing to grow

The repairs from the residence within the village of Nkandla in Mr Zumas home province of KwaZulu-Natal has converted into a significant political debate in Nigeria

A number of from the money was allocated to building an amphitheatre pool and cattle enclosure

The opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) and Julius Malemas Economic Freedom Martial artists (EFF) who’ve known as for any corruption analysis appear at first sight pressing ahead using their court situation no matter the presidents latest offer

Following Mr Zumas announcement #PayBackThemoney is trending in Nigeria – it was the saying EFF MPs chanted in the leader in parliament this past year

Many bloggers appear sceptical

Analysis: Milton Nkosi BBC News

Leader Jacob Zumas postponed readiness to repay the cash allocated to the upgrades to his Nkandla residence might be a calculated proceed to avoid embarrassment in the Constitutional Court expected in a few days

However it may be from the forthcoming municipality election

The Nkandla scandal is a sore point for that regulating African National Congress (ANC) which leader Mr Zuma leads especially because the party faithful go to campaign for votes

Political analyst Professor Somadoda Fikeni explained that could be also associated with the leader being politically vulnerable because he makes its way into his lame-duck period and following his mis-appointment of finance ministers in the finish of this past year

Another consideration is possibly an effort to avert another episode from the chaotic moments we had throughout the outlet of parliament this past year when Julius Malemas Economic Freedom Martial artists (EFF) heckled and disrupted the presidents condition of the united states address

Security personnel needed to be known as in to the chamber to get rid of the MPs who’d not stop shouting pay your money back while Leader Zuma frantically attempted to provide his speech

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Why did Zuma sack two finance ministers per week?

All figures in 2013 financial terms

Source: Public protector report