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New dynasty?

The glaring lack of prominent Republicans in the partys convention in Cleveland elevated questions regarding who’d be filling the speaking slots for Jesse Trump

But confident as always the brand new You are able to millionaire been with them covered Browsing the wings were a number of family people prepared to jump on stage

Mr Trumps third wife Melania centered the headlines after parts of her speech mimicked a previous address provided by Michelle Obama – something Trumps campaign refused for over a previous day a Trump staffer required responsibility for including a few of the phrasing utilized by Ms Obama

With effective looks from the kind of Jesse Trump Junior his oldest boy and anticipation in front of Ivanka Trumps speech on Thursday many experts happen to be asking whether Mr Trumps children may also follow him into politics

MSNBCs Rachel Maddow a properly-known critic from the 2016 Republican candidate recognized Jesse Jrs speech as the very best of the convention to date and Politico stated a political star might have been born

Speaking in a breakfast event on Wednesday Jesse Junior stated he’d consider running for office when his children were older and that he would like to get it done like a patriot

Outdoors Cleveland Science Center in which the Trump family was showing up that mid-day family friend Marcy Gentry Beach stated she was delighted using the reaction

Hopefully he’ll become our president at some point,Inch she stated

Her boy is a good friend of Jesse Junior for fifteen years and she or he states an upswing from the father of 5 who’s executive vice-president from the Trump Organization came as no real surprise He’s really placed themself to become a leader

At nighttime as Republican Party associates collected to listen to more Trump family speeches within the primary arena people stated the Trump children had impressed them

Vicki Berglund a delegate from Arizona stated the more youthful Trumps were more polished than their father She stated she wished they’d get more millennials to find yourself in the Republican party

Her friend Gail Griffin stated she thought Jesse Jrs comments about your driving practise tractors like a kid demonstrated the kids were lower-to-earth despite getting a millionaire father and well-educated

Those are the best example from the family Jesse J Trump raised also it shows he likes you Americas kids too

Meanwhile Chancellor Torbit a 28-year-old delegate from Baltimore stated he particularly appreciated Jesse Jrs comments about his father supporting blue collar employees and marketing them in the company

He introduced out that Trump is employed by America he stated

Not initially a Trump supporter themself Mr Torbit stated the household is needed more and more people plainly to him

Presentations by Jesse Junior together with Tiffany Eric and Ivanka Trump certainly assistance to humanise the candidate political researcher Ray Sabato told the 16escort.tk

However it shojuld not be a surprise the children are prepared to speak to support their father he added

The kids of political candidates have lengthy spoken at conventions and lots of even will continue to take an energetic role in politics

However the Trumps are outstanding since the amount of family people giving evening speeches – greater than any past political family such as the Kennedys the Clintons and also the Romneys Mr Sabato stated

Our prime-profile looks also highlight a historic pattern in American politics We can be a democracy but we appear to love oligarchy,” he added

But it doesn’t ensure the Trump children may also be effective within the field

More in the BBC:

Jeb Plant didnt do too well,” he stated mentioning towards the brother of George W Plant and boy of George HW Plant who had been made to give up at the start of the 2016 primary contest

Eric Trump Jesse Trumps third child spoke on Wednesday as his father was within the crowd Initial reaction on social networking wasn’t so favourable with experts pointing to the possible lack of personal encounters and information

Next is Ivanka Trump possibly the very best known of Mr Trumps children before convention who takes happens on Thursday among high anticipations

Experts is going to be watching to determine if the 34-year-old former model who works best for The Trump Organization and it has her very own lifestyle brand shows political in addition to business potential

To date Melania and Tiffany Trump have provided personal anecdotes and family concepts while their siblings have spoken more directly about politics – attacking Hillary Clinton and Barack Obamas guidelines

Outdoors Cleveland Science Center Abraham Marlowe 17 who’s interning for any Republican senate hopeful stated Jesse Jrs measured speech had reassured him that Mr Trumps bombastic persona was for show and he or she is reliable using the presidency

Marlowe stated he desired to see Ivanka who’s also good buddies with Hillary Clintons daughter Chelsea stay with displaying fathers human side She also needs to defend him from accusations of bigotry he added

If the lady formerly considered Mr Trumps ace in the hole emerges like a political voice herself remains seen

What’s certain is the fact that Mr Trumps offspring will have an more and more visible role as Novembers election approaches

Garlands of shame for public peeing

Police in India have develop a watch-catching method to shame individuals who urinate in public places – by hanging flower garlands around their necks

A brand new campaign within the town of Hyderabad sees traffic officials swoop on people spotted reducing themselves in the pub before handing them the colorful neckwear the Deccan Chronicle reviews Insp Rama Swamy states she got the concept having seen social employees doing such like in Delhi in the past After garlanding them we request them to not create filth and employ the general public toilets rather he states The pressure has additionally been providing chocolates to scooter riders who put on headgear so that they can persuade others to follow along with suit

Lots of people leaving comments around the forces Facebook page applaud the initiative although plenty think the issue might be solved with greater use of public venues Construct public toilets first Dont waste on flowers one individual creates But others think its much more of a mindset problem Has anybody seen a lady carrying this out nonsense in public places? Is not she human too? And when a lady can control why cannot a guy? asks one user

In 2015 police in China required an identical tack with jaywalkers Any people on the streets caught dodging cars in Shenzhen received an option between having to pay a little fine or putting on a eco-friendly hat and tabard and enhancing the police to direct traffic

Next story: Saudi Arabia launches weight reduction competition

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India media tycoon charged with murder

An Indian media magnate continues to be formally billed using the murder of his stepdaughter police stated

Peter Mukerjea the previous Boss of Rupert Murdochs Star India network was arrested in November

He told Indian media he was by his earlier statement he had nothing related to her dying

The murder of Sheena Bora first regarded as Mr Mukerjeas sisterinlaw but later discovered to be his stepdaughter has held India

Police had earlier named Indrani Mukerjea Ms Boras mother because the primary suspect within the situation

They also have arrested her first husband like a coconspirator within the murder in addition to her former driver who’s listed being an accomplice

The AFP news agency cited an un named officer as stating that Mr Mukerjea have been billed with similar offences because the others

They’ve accused him of plotting together with his wife to kill Ms Borah in ’09

Mr Mukerjea told the Indian Express newspaper he would read the charges against him in prison but was by his assertion he had nothing related to the situation and it was unaware of the conspiracy

The storyline including hidden details accusations and counterallegations and busts has held Indian media for several weeks now

It started in May 2012 when an unknown body was spotted by villagers 100 miles (160km) from Mumbai Local police collected the skeletal remains that have been apparently badly burned

Your body wasn’t associated with Sheenas disappearance in excess of 3 years throughout which period Mr and Mrs Mukerjea allegedly stated their daughter had left India for that U . s . States

Police also allege that Mrs Mukerjea used Sheenas telephone to transmit messages impersonating her daughter from America and Britain one of these broke rapport

Once the dying was linked by police towards the media magnate the situation attracted common attention Politician Shashi Tharoor known as the reviews breathless and hysterical

Mr Mukerjea has always stated he understood nothing from the murder and it was overseas at that time

Brazil Zika New microcephaly link

More evidence linking the Zika virus to birth defects in babies has been found scientists in Brazil say

The team at the PUC-Parana University discovered the virus in the brains of two babies who only lived for 48 hours

The mosquito-borne virus is thought to cause microcephaly in babies who are born with damaged brains and abnormally small heads

Brazil has about 460 confirmed cases of microcephaly and is investigating about 3850 suspected cases

The virus has spread throughout Latin-America but Brazil has been hardest hit

Scientists told the BBC that samples taken from the brain tissue of the two babies showed that the Zika virus was still actively present

The scientists have been following the pregnancies of 10 women in the north-eastern state of Paraiba – the second worst-hit by cases of microcephaly

Rio Open: Rafael Nadal not scared of Zika virus

Rio Olympics 2016: Non Stanford not worried by Zika outbreak

Brazils race to find a vaccine

Read more about the Zika virus

One of the researchers who made the possible connection between Zika and brain defects Dr Adriana Melo told the BBC that cases she has seen in the north-east of Brazil are never microcephaly alone – but include other brain disorders such as dilated ventricles calcifications and contractures to the joints

The BBCs Julia Carneiro in Rio de Janeiro says that the findings add more evidence to results announced last week by scientists in the US and Slovenia who detected the virus in samples from other babies with microcephaly

On Saturday Brazil said it was deploying more than 200000 soldiers across the country to warn people about the risks of the virus

President Dilma Rousseff has insisted the crisis would not compromise the Olympics Brazil is hosting in August

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global public health emergency over the possible connection between Zika and microcephaly

While the link with Zika has not been confirmed the WHO and other public health bodies have said it is strongly suspected

The microcephaly cases have been centred in north-east Brazil but the Zika outbreak has affected people in more than 20 countries in the Americas

Microcephaly: Why it is not the end of the world

What you need to know: Key questions answered about the virus and its spread

Travel advice: Countries affected and what you should do

The mosquito behind spread of virus: What we know about the insect

Abortion dilemma Laws and practices in Catholic Latin America

Study in English in Denmark or China

There are now almost 8000 courses being taught in English by leading universities in non-English speaking countries according to a project mapping their expansion

The rise of universities teaching in English rather than their own local language has become a global phenomenon

These are not only appealing to the worlds five million international students who travel abroad they are also being chosen by students staying in their own countries who prefer to study in English rather than their own language

The research is from a Dutch-based organisation StudyPortals which has a database of information on 100000 bachelor and masters degrees at over 2100 universities around the world

It provides a starting point for people looking to find a way through the maze for globally minded students says StudyPortals Carmen Neghina

The mapping project has also looked at a group of 1000 universities at the top of international rankings and has found that more than three quarters of these offer at least one or more degrees taught entirely in English

These will include universities that are in English-speaking countries including the US and UK but Ms Neghina says there are now 72000 different English-taught courses on offer to students from these leading universities

The Netherlands has the most degrees taught entirely in English on the European mainland with 12 universities included in this ranking offering a total of over 1000 courses taught in English

Germany has 54 top universities in this ranking with over 835 English-taught courses for international students

Sweden has 12 universities listed with 550 courses in English; Denmark has seven universities listed with 482 programmes in English and Spain has 27 universities with 426 courses

More stories from the BBCs Knowledge economy series looking at education from a global perspective and how to get in touch

This is more than a European trend Of the 112 top universities identified in China 45 offer one or more English-language degrees as do 20 in Taiwan 11 in Japan and six in Thailand

The rising numbers of students studying abroad could drive this trend even further

Hans de Wit director of the Center for International Higher Education Boston College in the US says there are predictions that by 2025 the number of international students could have risen to eight million

The largest numbers of international students come from China India and South Korea but Nigeria is catching up fast

English-speaking countries together with Germany and France attract most of them But Dr de Wit has forecast that their market share is under threat due to increasing competition from other countries including China

Within Europe according to the Academic Co-operation Association the number of university courses taught in English in non-English-speaking countries has increased by more than 300% in seven years

The highest concentration is in Denmark where 38% of university programmes are English-taught courses In the Netherlands it is 30% Sweden 24% and Finland at 23%

The proportion of English-taught courses in Germany is just under 6% of the total programmes available In France and Italy it remains a much lower proportion about 3% And in Turkey it is lower still at about 2%

Such courses dont just attract international students They are also popular with home students particularly at masters level who want to gain an English language qualification alongside international students without leaving their own country

According to the ACAs report about 45% of those on English-taught university programmes in mainland Europe were studying in their own countries In about one in 20 courses there were only domestic students enrolled in these English-taught degrees

There was a trend for courses in the Baltic countries and south-eastern Europe to have more domestic students learning through English while English-taught courses in Nordic and western European countries tended to have more international students

But the pattern for English courses being more popular at postgraduate level is not universal

In most countries English-taught masters degrees are more common but not in South Africa and China which may be worth looking at for those wanting a bachelors degrees taught in English as well as a cultural adventure said Ms Neghina

There are also five-year courses in which the first three years might be taught in the home language such as Swedish with two postgraduate years taught in English – so that any local students will have to study for part of the time in English

Edwin van Rest chief executive of StudyPortals said students looking to study abroad need to understand whats on offer Choosing a new study programme without knowing your options is like buying a house but only looking at your own neighbourhood

Zuma to pay for mansion upgrade

South Africas Leader Jacob Zuma has decided to pay back a few of the $23m (£15m) the federal government controversially allocated to improving his private rural home

In 2014 a study through the public protector stated Mr Zuma had achieved positive results unnecessarily in the upgrades

Mr Zuma stated the auditor-general and finance minister must decide just how much he should pay back to finish the dispute

The announcement comes per week before a constitutional hearing around the matter

Africa Live: BBC news updates

How Leader Zumas Nkandla home is continuing to grow

The repairs from the residence within the village of Nkandla in Mr Zumas home province of KwaZulu-Natal has converted into a significant political debate in Nigeria

A number of from the money was allocated to building an amphitheatre pool and cattle enclosure

The opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) and Julius Malemas Economic Freedom Martial artists (EFF) who’ve known as for any corruption analysis appear at first sight pressing ahead using their court situation no matter the presidents latest offer

Following Mr Zumas announcement #PayBackThemoney is trending in Nigeria – it was the saying EFF MPs chanted in the leader in parliament this past year

Many bloggers appear sceptical

Analysis: Milton Nkosi BBC News

Leader Jacob Zumas postponed readiness to repay the cash allocated to the upgrades to his Nkandla residence might be a calculated proceed to avoid embarrassment in the Constitutional Court expected in a few days

However it may be from the forthcoming municipality election

The Nkandla scandal is a sore point for that regulating African National Congress (ANC) which leader Mr Zuma leads especially because the party faithful go to campaign for votes

Political analyst Professor Somadoda Fikeni explained that could be also associated with the leader being politically vulnerable because he makes its way into his lame-duck period and following his mis-appointment of finance ministers in the finish of this past year

Another consideration is possibly an effort to avert another episode from the chaotic moments we had throughout the outlet of parliament this past year when Julius Malemas Economic Freedom Martial artists (EFF) heckled and disrupted the presidents condition of the united states address

Security personnel needed to be known as in to the chamber to get rid of the MPs who’d not stop shouting pay your money back while Leader Zuma frantically attempted to provide his speech

Punches at Nigeria parliament

Why did Zuma sack two finance ministers per week?

All figures in 2013 financial terms

Source: Public protector report

Two held over Turkey attack plot

Turkish police have arrested two suspected members of so-called Islamic State (IS) over an alleged plot to attack New Years Eve celebrations in Ankara officials say

Police seized suicide vests and explosives during a raid in the Turkish capital according to media reports

The two people being held are Turkish nationals

More than 100 people were killed in a double suicide bombing in Ankara in October that was blamed on IS members

The pair arrested reportedly entered Turkey from Syria and were planning two separate attacks on crowded areas the state-run Anadolu news agency reported

Belgian police have recently also made arrests linked to alleged New Years Eve attack plots though no direct link to IS has yet been confirmed

Two men arrested in Brussels in raids on Sunday and Monday are reportedly members of a motorcycle club called the Kamikaze Riders

Though the group is believed to be linked to Sharia4Belgium a now disbanded radical Islamist group a 2013 investigation found the club had no link to terrorism Belgian TV news website De Redactie reports

San Marino 0-6 England

Wayne Rooney goes joint surface of England goalscoring chart England confirmed their place at Euro 2016 following a routine dismissal of San Marino – but captain Wayne Rooney must wait to eclipse Mister Bobby Charltons all-time goals tally

Rooney obtained an archive-equalling 49th goal by having an early penalty but was remarkably replaced by England manager Roy Hodgson with history beckoning and also the San Marino defence on its ft He or she must now repeat the process against Europe at Wembley on Tuesday

There is still plenty for England to celebrate though because they managed to get seven wins from seven in being approved to make sure they’ll be in France next summer time

England weren’t threatened by also it was another damage limitation exercise for San Marino especially after Cristian Brolli headed into their own internet before half-time

Ross Barkley nodded her head in the first England goal following the break and England romped obvious with two goals from substitute Theo Walcott and Harry Kanes clever lofted finish

There is general astonishment – most likely shared by Rooney themself – as he was replaced after 58 minutes requiring only one goal to conquer Charltons record

Rooney will exceed the previous Manchester U . s . gamers mark eventually and possibly it will likely be more fitting should he seal it against Europe at Wembley instead of this quaint 6600-capacity arena with lots of fans obtaining a free view in the hillsides that rise at one finish from the stadium

It appeared as if the record was there to take when Rooney hidden away that early penalty but he’d no further obvious chances – although you might have actually come against a house defence which was exhausted within the last 25 minutes

England manager Roy Hodgson gave possibilities to gamers within the relatively sedate surroundings of San Marino and something guy particularly required his chance with relish

Swansea Citys Jonjo Shelvey making his first England appearance in almost 3 years was positive in possession pleased to play a much deeper role but additionally prepared to get forward and show his selection of passing He assigned his performance by looking into making the 5th goal for substitute Kane

He’ll have produced a great impression with Hodgson through his discipline and work-rate and may feel he’s labored his way into the England fold

Barkley also made his mark having a nicely-taken header from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlains mix in addition to a couple of trademark moments of quality

It had been a harder evening for Leicester Citys Jamie Vardy who battled to get involved with the experience and for a short period within the other half grew to become involved inside a running fight with San Marino defender Giovanni Bonini

Evertons John Gemstones in the center of a lot speculation lately as Chelsea were prepared to pay more than £30m for his services had little to complete apart from handle the initial pressure of making certain San Marino didn’t score their first objective of the Euro 2016 qualifiers on his watch

Well they’ll certainly exist and because the first team to qualify (hosts France apart) Hodgson has a while for experimentation within the final three qualifiers

England won’t visit France one of the favourites but there’s some fine youthful talent within this squad the same shape as the kind of Barkley Luke Shaw Kane Gemstones not to mention Raheem Sterling who had been rested on Saturday

Hodgson will hope they still develop quickly within the next 12 several weeks alongside established experienced gamers for example Rooney

This will mean England can travel with hope and optimism But potential those who win? That’s a lengthy stretch

England striker Wayne Rooney: Its a proud moment to equal Mister Bobby Charltons record My goal would be to move on and check out and save the day win and break the record

It could have been great when the record had happened tonight Clearly the tradition of Wembley and also to break the record at Wembley could be great

England manager Roy Hodgson: I’m greater than satisfied so we won it with a decent margin

A couple of who werent in contention to experience evening have pressed their claims and Jonjo Shelvey warrants a mention

Former England midfielder Jermaine Jenas on BBC Radio 5 live: There has been some decent performances from England Ross Barkley walked up within the other half Nathaniel Clyne bombed up and lower the best flank and Jonjo Shelvey has hardly because of the ball away

England manager Roy Hodgson is going to be delighted together with his teams discipline energy and professionalism

Full-time Match finishes San Marino England 6

Full-time Other Half finishes San Marino England 6

Foul by Harry Kane (England)

Alessandro Della Valle (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Foul by Jamie Vardy (England)

José Adolfo Hirsch (San Marino) wins a totally free kick around the right wing

Foul by Ross Barkley (England)

Matteo Vitaioli (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Theo Walcott (England) wins a totally free kick around the right wing

Foul by Mirko Palazzi (San Marino)

Attempt saved Danilo Rinaldi (San Marino) left footed shot from outdoors this area is held in the very best center from the goal Aided by José Adolfo Hirsch having a headed pass

Attempt skipped Theo Walcott (England) right footed shot in the center from the box is close but misses left Aided by John Gemstones having a through ball

Substitution Substitution San Marino Alessandro Della Valle replaces Davide Simoncini

Foul by Harry Kane (England)

Cristian Brolli (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Goal! Goal! San Marino England 6 Theo Walcott (England) right footed shot in the right side from the box towards the bottom left corner Aided by Ross Barkley having a through ball

Goal! Goal! San Marino England 5 Harry Kane (England) right footed shot in the right side from the box towards the center from the goal Aided by Jonjo Shelvey having a through ball

Offside England Jamie Vardy tries a through ball but Harry Kane is caught offside

Substitution Substitution San Marino Danilo Rinaldi replaces Andy Selva

Substitution Substitution San Marino Luca Tosi replaces Giovanni Bonini

Attempt skipped Nathaniel Clyne (England) right footed shot from outdoors this area misses left Aided by Fabian Delph

Attempt blocked Ross Barkley (England) right footed shot from outdoors this area is blocked Aided by Fabian Delph

Goal! Goal! San Marino England 4 Theo Walcott (England) right footed shot from very close range towards the bottom right corner Aided by Fabian Delph having a mix

Substitution Substitution England Theo Walcott replaces Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Attempt skipped Fabian Delph (England) right footed shot from outdoors this area is simply too high Aided by Jonjo Shelvey

Attempt blocked Jamie Vardy (England) right footed shot from outdoors this area is blocked

Foul by Fabian Delph (England)

José Adolfo Hirsch (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Attempt skipped Fabian Delph (England) left footed shot from the difficult position around the left misses right Aided by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain having a mix

Attempt skipped John Gemstones (England) right footed shot from the difficult position around the right is close but misses right Aided by Ross Barkley having a mix carrying out a corner

Corner England Conceded by Marco Berardi

Substitution Substitution England Harry Kane replaces Wayne Rooney

Substitution Substitution England Fabian Delph replaces James Milner

Jamie Vardy (England) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Foul by Giovanni Bonini (San Marino)

Foul by Jamie Vardy (England)

Giovanni Bonini (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Attempt skipped Matteo Vitaioli (San Marino) right footed shot from outdoors this area misses right Aided by Andy Selva

Harmful abide by James Milner (England)

Nicola Chiaruzzi (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Foul by Ross Barkley (England)

Matteo Vitaioli (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Wayne Rooney (England) wins a totally free kick around the left wing

Foul by Giovanni Bonini (San Marino)

Foul by James Milner (England)

Nicola Chiaruzzi (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Foul by James Milner (England)

Andy Selva (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Corner England Conceded by José Adolfo Hirsch

Attempt blocked Jonjo Shelvey (England) right footed shot from outdoors this area is blocked

Delay over They will be ready to continue

Delay in match Manuel Battistini (San Marino) due to an injuries

Goal! Goal! San Marino England 3 Ross Barkley (England) header in the center from the box towards the center from the goal Aided by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain having a mix

Other Half starts San Marino England 2

Half-time First Half finishes San Marino England 2

Offside San Marino Andy Selva tries a through ball but José Adolfo Hirsch is caught offside

Phil Jagielka (England) wins a totally free start working the attacking half

Foul by José Adolfo Hirsch (San Marino)

Attempt blocked James Milner (England) right footed shot from outdoors this area is blocked Aided by Wayne Rooney

Corner England Conceded by Aldo Junior Simoncini

Attempt saved Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (England) right footed shot from the difficult position around the right is held in the very best right corner

Harmful abide by James Milner (England)

Andy Selva (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the attacking half

James Milner (England) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Foul by Nicola Chiaruzzi (San Marino)

Attempt saved John Gemstones (England) header in the center from the box is held in the center from the goal Aided by James Milner having a mix

Corner England Conceded by Mirko Palazzi

Delay over They will be ready to continue

Delay in match Jamie Vardy (England) due to an injuries

Delay in match Cristian Brolli (San Marino) due to an injuries

Foul by Jamie Vardy (England)

Cristian Brolli (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Corner England Conceded by Marco Berardi

Attempt blocked Wayne Rooney (England) right footed shot in the center from the box is blocked Aided by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain having a mix

Goal! Own Goal by Cristian Brolli San Marino San Marino England 2

Attempt skipped Jonjo Shelvey (England) right footed shot from outdoors this area misses left Aided by Ross Barkley

Foul by Wayne Rooney (England)

Andy Selva (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Attempt skipped James Milner (England) right footed shot from outdoors this area is close but misses left Aided by Nathaniel Clyne carrying out a corner

Attempt blocked Nathaniel Clyne (England) right footed shot from outdoors this area is blocked Aided by James Milner

Corner England Conceded by José Adolfo Hirsch

Foul by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (England)

Marco Berardi (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Ross Barkley (England) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Foul by José Adolfo Hirsch (San Marino)

Foul by Jonjo Shelvey (England)

Andy Selva (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Foul by Luke Shaw (England)

José Adolfo Hirsch (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Foul by Jonjo Shelvey (England)

Nicola Chiaruzzi (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Attempt skipped James Milner (England) right footed shot in the center from the box misses left

Attempt saved Wayne Rooney (England) left footed shot in the left side from the box is saved towards the bottom right corner Aided by Luke Shaw

Corner England Conceded by Cristian Brolli

Jamie Vardy (England) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Foul by Giovanni Bonini (San Marino)

Corner San Marino Conceded by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Foul by Jonjo Shelvey (England)

Andy Selva (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the attacking half

Goal! Goal! San Marino England 1 Wayne Rooney (England) converts the penalty having a right footed shot towards the bottom right corner

Booking Marco Berardi (San Marino) is proven the yellow card

Penalty England John Gemstones draws a foul within the penalty area

Penalty conceded by Mirko Palazzi (San Marino) following a foul within the penalty area

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (England) wins a totally free kick around the right wing

Foul by Matteo Vitaioli (San Marino)

Delay over They will be ready to continue

Delay in match Cristian Brolli (San Marino) due to an injuries

Foul by Jamie Vardy (England)

Cristian Brolli (San Marino) wins a totally free start working the defensive half

Offside San Marino Davide Simoncini tries a through ball but Andy Selva is caught offside

Offside England Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain tries a through ball but Wayne Rooney is caught offside

First Half starts

Lineups are introduced and gamers are starting to warm up

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One migrant’s journey: A boat, a train, a bike, two arrests and a car ride

This wasnt quite what hed imagined as he planned his journey from Syria and across Europe to safety

Tripping around within the pitch blackness not one of them dared to light a fireplace or switch on a torch to assist resolve the continuing argument about which approach to take

Starting walking walking with the forest Pasha states We had deers along with a guy putting on some strange clothes as well as in his hands would be a hammer I was nervous its this type of large jungle it will likely be so harmful for all of us

Pasha had not visited Europe before A Syrian activist wanted by both regime and ISIS he fled to Poultry 2 yrs ago then spent greater than six several weeks planning his journey researching the path using Facebook pages devoted to Syrian would-be migrants

And today he and the buddies were wandering round the menacing woodlands across the border between Serbia and Hungary It had all appeared a lot simpler online

If you want to know anything you can easily visit this Facebook group you will find amounts amounts of smugglers hotels which are friendly to Syrians programs tales of people that made it happen he describes

Like numerous others Pashas smuggling journey started on the beach in Poultry where Greek islands are tantalizingly visible just over the twinkling waters from the Aegean Ocean

From Poultry by ocean

Two black rubber motorboats were inflated around the beach prior to the Syrians hoisted them up and transported these to the shoreline

The folks traffickers billed $900 per person for that short journey to A holiday in greece The smugglers they help you like a euro less an individual states Pasha

They attached an electric motor to every boat and requested who thought about being Captain Pashas friend volunteered although he’d never driven a ship before

The smuggler stated to all of us You are aware how they are driving a motorcycle or motorcycle it is the same guy it’s very easy

The very first time starting the engine the boat goes left and goes right also it am frightening Pasha states It is the ocean it is not a tale

A few of the 55 people packed into his boat weren’t putting on existence vests others would never know how you can go swimming and clung frantically to inflatable rings because the boat returned over the very blue waters

An hour or so later they managed to get towards the Greek island of Lesbos where Pasha states these were welcomed by lovely people — local people welcoming all of them with sandwiches apples and water

Together the brand new arrivals hiked towards the port police who registered them and paid papers permitting these to remain in A holiday in greece for six several weeks

But because of the countrys troubled economy most migrants don’t intend to live there — rather they mind further north to more prosperous nations

Across Macedonia by bike

Before departing home Pasha had offered everything he possessed including his laptop to cover the trip now he used the cash to collect supplies: dates and Peanut bars to consume on the way and good walking footwear for that lengthy journey ahead

From Lesbos the audience required a ferry to Athens along with train to some town near to the border with Macedonia becoming a part of an individual tide making its way across Europe

We went over the train track towards the forest We anxiously waited until i was a large group and for this to start getting dark Pasha recalls I was about 1000 people

In Macedonia irregular migrants are banned by using trains and buses however they can cycle that has inspired a lucrative market serving the numerous refugees making their way across the nation

When you turn up the thing is people putting bicycles on the highway speaking British saying Syrian? Yeah come It’s very easy

Pasha and the buddies bought bikes to ride the following area of the journey later selling it well for a small fraction of the 120 pounds they initially compensated

They rested outside or protected in abandoned structures that have become known way-stations for migrants

From Macedonia they entered the border by walking into Serbia within the depths of evening Pasha moving utilizing a map downloaded to his phone

Under arrest in Serbia

The street is obvious you need to simply stick to the train track that’s your road place the train track in your left hands and walking he describes

There’s a red-colored line between nations the thing is? Then when you mix that red-colored line you realize you entered nations

However in Serbia these were caught Pasha attempted to plead using the cops to allow them go but states he was smacked over the face

It had been so humiliating he takes note of It had been so difficult in Syria I simply appreciated the Syria military exactly the same way

These were given 72 hrs to depart Serbia Making their method to Belgrade Pasha could take his first shower in on the week and also to eat his first hot meal — pizza — before a bus required him and the buddies near to the border with Hungary

Like almost every other migrants Pasha dreaded being caught through the Hungarian government bodies

Couple of refugees wish to stay here which is obvious that they’re not welcome Hungary is creating a wall to help keep migrants out and large advertisements with messages for example: Should you arrived at Hungary you mustn’t steal Hungarian tasks are everywhere

A Hungarian government spokesperson told CNN this wasn’t an anti-immigration campaign but an attempt to teach the Hungarian population concerning the risks resulting from migrants

A much better existence in Germany

But Mark Kekesi a volunteer coordinator who works together with migrants states it just serves to improve xenophobia he states people yell in the migrants: They are saying Apes go back home! or Gypsies in the desert the reason for coming here eating our food?

After being lost within the forest for 2 days without a penny to consume no water or shelter and also the map hed downloaded earlier no help Pasha did serve them with his way to avoid it simply to be caught through the Hungarian government bodies within the capital of scotland- Szeged

They treated us like creatures he states Installed us inside a large bus and they put us inside a little room i was about 40 people I believe we’re able to barely breathe

Pasha was fingerprinted and told to are accountable to another camping But rather like the majority of others in the situation he known as a smuggler utilizing a number hed saved for problems and loved the final leg of his get a hearty Austria and into Germany within the convenience of an aura-conditioned vehicle

After crossing seven nations in 32 days Pasha finally managed to get to his destination: Freyung in southern Germany Now all he is able to do is wait and find out if hell be permitted to remain

I wish to complete my studies and I wish to bring my loved ones he states I seem like I owe my parents — its due to my activism that people lost the house in Syria And That I want my little sister to possess a better existence

Throughout his travels over the ocean and overland to his new house Pasha transported souvenirs: perfume — a present from his girlfriend a lucky scarf then one will not ever allow him to forget why he made a decision to flee

I’ve shrapnel here he states rubbing his elbow After I touch it it jogs my memory of Syria

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